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Hunter/Jumping Seat Equitation is a division judged on the ability and style of the rider. Riders can be judged both over fences and on the flat. Hunter seat equitation riders can be tested in both flat and over fences classes. These tests are outlined in the USEF Rule Book and include such things as halting, backing, trot jumps, riding without stirrups, etc.

In over fences classes the riders are judged not only on their ability to negotiate a course of jumps on their horses, but also on their style and position while they do it. Riders should demonstrate that they have a good understanding not only of what the questions of the course are, but how best to answer them.  They are trying to execute a smooth and consistent round by using invisible aids and trying to make their round seem completely effortless. Additionally, a rider's position should remain both accurate and stylish throughout the round.

On the flat, riders are tested at the walk, trot and canter at the lower levels, and at more difficult gaits— such as strong or collected walk, trot, and canter, or counter canter and hand gallop— in higher level classes. They are to demonstrate proper riding of the horse at all these gaits, as well as accurate and stylish position.


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The United States Hunter Jumper Association

Recognized National Affiliate Association

The USHJA, as the National Affiliate for the Hunter/Jumper discipline, promotes the sport and the well-being of its participants, offers broad based education for its members, and provides the framework for the conduct of the sport. 

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Dover Saddlery/USEF Hunter Seat Medal Final

9/1/2017 through 8/31/2018
The Dover Saddlery/USEF Hunter Seat Medal Final event is comprised of multiple rounds and judged on equitation over a course set at 3’6”.