This page serves as a resource center for competition management of USEF/NAYC Dressage Qualifying Competitions and U.S. FEI Dressage Competitions. 

Recent Updates & Reminders

  • 2023 USEF/NAYC Dressage Qualifying Calendar: The 2023 USEF/NAYC Dressage Qualifying Calendar is now available. Click here
  • Secretary/Manager Search: The USEF Secretary & Manager search can be utilized to verify Level 3 and above Dressage Secretaries & Managers. Instructions to use the search and to apply for Level 3 or above status can be found here.
  • Results: Please refer to the "Dressage Qualifying Result Reporting" document below for the proper section codes to use when reporting your scores to USEF.

Questions?   Contact Lauren Moore, Director, Dressage Sport Management Administration

Forms and Publications

2023 USEF/NAYC Dressage Qualifying Calendar

Please note: this list is updated manually and may not reflect the most recent changes. Please check the USEF Calendar Search for the most up to date and accurate competition information.

2023 USEF/NAYC Dressage Qualifying Calendar Competition Manual

Updated 3.15.2023. This document serves as a resource for competition management of 2023 USEF/NAYC Dressage Qualifying Competitions.

Dressage Qualifying Competition Section Codes

USEF/NAYC Dressage Qualifying competitions must use proper result reporting per the attached section code guide.

Guide to Hosting Para Dressage Qualifying Tests

Guide to hosting Para Dressage qualifying tests for the USEF Para Dressage National Championships.

Dressage Manager & Secretary Search

Instructions to verify level status of Dressage managers and secretaries.

USEF/NAYC Dressage Calendar Policies & Procedures

These policies and procedures will become effective for all NAYC/USEF Dressage Qualifying Calendar applications.

FEI Calendar Policies and Procedures - Dressage and Para Dressage

Effective 8 December 2022. The aim of these policies and procedures is to produce the most effective U.S. FEI calendar. It is important to note at the outset that these policies and procedures do not replace the USEF Licensing and/or Mileage Rules.

USEF/NAYC Dressage Qualifying Calendar Search

Please note: updates to competitions (e.g. date changes) may be posted at any time – please check regularly for updates.

FEI Childrens Test Memo - August 28, 2020

Updated directives for judging the FEI Childrens Test as of August 28, 2020

USEF Rulebook

USEF Rules & Regulations