The purpose of the USEF Emerging Driver program is to provide guidelines and support for introductory and grassroots education in the sport. The program invites instructors to host training sessions where approved curriculum is used to teach the basics of driving for singles up to multiples.

The Carriage Association of America (CAA) will provide and maintain the suggested curriculum*. Alternatively, host instructors may also submit their own curriculum for approval by a USEF appointed group. Using approved curriculum will ensure that consistent basic education is being provided nationally.

*The Carriage Association of America will not provide certification for their Driver Proficiency Program through the USEF Emerging Driver Program. To obtain a CAA Driver Proficiency Certificate, please refer to the CAA website.


Please read the complete Program Overview (attached below) to learn more about this program & how to apply to host an event.


Applications must be submitted to the Director of Driving, Danielle Aamodt, at [email protected] at least 40 days before the start of the event. 

Eligible host applicants will be required to sign a host agreement with USEF. 


Donate and Support

Donations for the USEF Elite Athlete program are managed by the United States Equestrian Team Foundation (USET) in Gladstone, New Jersey. Please contact the USET about the many different options to support our Driving Teams: 908-234-1251

Donations can also be made online: 

Select "Driving" for the Fund Destination. Thank you for contributing to our Teams. 

Forms and Publications

Emerging Driver Program Grant Application

Approved 10/5/23