The USEF Combined Driving Elite Athlete list is outlined by the Driving Sport Committee and funded through the support of U.S. Equestrian, their sponsors, and the USET Foundation. The purpose of the Elite Athlete list is to recognize and support selected athlete/horse combinations who have proven to be internationally competitive at World Championship or Games level within the current two-year cycle. Competing at the Advanced/FEI level or competing in a World Championship does not imply Elite Athlete status. Acceptance on the Elite Athlete list is determined and maintained by objective results, which are reviewed annually. The Elite Athlete list can be updated with newly qualified athlete/horse combinations twice annually.

Please read the complete program outline, attached below.


Questions can be addressed to

Steven Morrissey

859-225-2052 | [email protected]


Donate and Support

Donations for the USEF Elite Athlete program are managed by the United States Equestrian Team Foundation (USET) in Gladstone, New Jersey. Please contact the USET about the many different options to support our Driving Teams: 908-234-1251

Donations can also be made online: 

Select "Driving" for the Fund Destination. Thank you for contributing to our Teams. 


Additional Resources

2023 Elite Athlete Overview & Criteria

Approved by the USEF Driving Sport Committee on 11/9/2022

2023 Elite Athlete List

Updated 5/8/2023