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Paso Fino

The Paso Fino horse reflects its Spanish heritage through its proud carriage, grace, and elegance. Originally a combination of Andalusian, Spanish Barb, and the now-extinct Spanish Jennet blood, the Paso Fino was initially brought to the Americas by Spanish Conquistadors who used the horses to stock their remount stations in the Caribbean and[...] Latin American colonies.Centuries of selective breeding produced localized variations of the smooth-gaited horse including the Caballo de Criollo, which flourished initially in Puerto Rico, Columbia, and later in Cuba, Aruba, Venezuela, and the Dominican Republic.

Not until after World War II did awareness of the Paso Fino spread into the United States, when American servicemen began importing them from Puerto Rico and later, Colombia. Although there remains contention as to which country represents the true origin of the Paso Fino, the American Paso Fino represents a blend of the best of the Puerto Rican and Colombian bloodlines. The Paso Fino, which can range in height from 13 to 15.2 hands, is born with a gait unique to the breed that is smooth, rhythmic, purposeful, and synchronous front to rear, which produces a smooth and balanced ride. The Paso Fino exhibits three forward speeds with varying degrees of collection: Classic Fino (full collection and slow forward speed); Paso Corto (full-to-moderate collection and moderate forward speed), and Paso Largo (moderate-tominimal collection and fastest forward speed). Additionally, Paso Finos are capable of executing other gaits natural to horses (including the canter), which makes them versatile, family-oriented horses capable of competing in a wide variety of disciplines and classes, including Western pleasure, trail, pleasure driving, and even team penning and endurance.

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Paso Fino Horse Association

Recognized National Affiliate Association

The Mission of the Paso Fino Horse Association is to protect and maintain the integrity of the Registry, and the natural characteristics and heritage of the Paso Fino Horse; promote and enhance the appeal and versatility of the Paso Fino Horse; and provide and support member services.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I use metal in a Paso Pleasure Schooling class?

    Subchapter PF-7 Paso Pleasure Division, PF141 Appointments it states, "Metal is not permitted in, under, over or attached to the cavesson nosepieces and headrisers, except for necessary buckles." In addition, PF142, Classes with this Division (Paso Pleasure), PF142.1 which is in regard to schooling classes in the Paso Pleasure division states, "tack and attire shall be the same as in Paso Pleasure." Per PF141 and PF142 metal is not allowed in Paso Pleasure schooling classes. Although metal may be allowed in other schooling classer per PF129.1 it is not allowed in the Paso Pleasure Division as the above referenced rules in the subchapter prevent it.

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Staff Contact

Paso Fino questions? You can email or call Terra Schroeder, Paso Fino Representative. You can also go to the Staff Directory for a more detailed list of numbers.

859 225 6952

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