The principle of the Sports Science & Medicine Programs is to optimize the performance of U.S. horse-and-athlete combinations in the eight FEI disciplines during international competition through the practice of sports science and medicine. Learning opportunities for the general US Equestrian membership are also positioned through these health-related programs.

Equine Sports Science & Medicine Programs:

In order to achieve each horse’s optimal performance, it is US Equestrian’s goal to network those individuals working with, and caring for, U.S. equine athletes. Linking trainers, grooms, veterinarians, dentists, nutritionists, farriers, physiotherapists, and other professionals who play a role in the health and performance of U.S. horses is beneficial to sustaining our equine athletes’ abilities at a high level of competition.


Human Sports Science & Medicine Programs:

With the goal of furthering U.S. athletes’ competitive performance, it is US Equestrian’s vision to connect all human healthcare professionals together in a way that benefits U.S. athletes and their ability to compete to the best of their physical ability. Linking physicians, physiotherapists, nutritionists, sports psychologists, physical trainers, and other practitioners who play a role in the health and performance of U.S. athletes is beneficial to encouraging their advancement in the sport.



US Equestrian’s Physiotherapist Network

US Equestrian has developed a network of therapists, which will be a resource to both U.S. athletes and therapists. Practitioners who meet specific requirements and attend one of the certification courses will be added to US Equestrian’s Physiotherapists Network list. This list will be distributed to athletes supported by US Equestrian’s High Performance Programs. 

Physiotherapists interested in taking the certification course to be a part of US Equestrian’s Physiotherapist Network should contact Steven Morrissey for more information and requirements.

Forms and Publications

US Equestrian's Network of Certified Physiotherapists

This is a list of the individuals who have undergone Safe Sport training, Background Checks and completed a course with US Team Physiotherapist, Andrew Thomas. These credentials qualify the individuals to be listed as US Equestrian certified physiotherapists.