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Mark Dial
© Taylor Pence/US Equestrian

Hometown: Aubrey, Texas

Birthday: 8/6/1959

Sport/Disciplines: Endurance

Mark Dial was appointed to the position of U.S. Endurance Team Technical Advisor and Chef d’Equipe in April of 2015. Dial was first active in the American Endurance Ride Conference (AERC), including his role as Vice-Chair of the AERC International Committee. Dial’s role as the U.S. Endurance Team Technical Advisor and Chef d’Equipe includes not only coaching the U.S. team, but also selecting athletes for particular courses and races, managing the crewing, and assisting with the training, and team staff development. He works with four team vets and the US Equestrian staff to monitor the progress of the combinations throughout the year as they develop. Dial is also tasked with developing and implementing a pipeline to identify talented endurance athletes, with the potential for future team and international success, while building the depth of upcoming talented athletes. Dial is also an FEI Chief Steward, 4* Judge, and 3* Technical Delegate.