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Lizzy Chesson
© Taylor Pence/US Equestrian

Hometown: Gladstone, N.J.

Birthday: 4/3/1977

Sport/Disciplines: Jumping

Lizzy Chesson has been deeply rooted in international equestrian sports for many years. As a groom for her mother, she was part of two World Championship Driving teams. At the age of 22, Chesson was selected to drive a pair of horses in the World Pair Championship in Hungary. She is a graduate of Columbia University where she studied German and Spanish and earned a degree in Art History. Chesson began working for US Equestrian in 2006. Her first position was in the US Equestrian Show Jumping department as an assistant to then Managing Director Sally Ike. Chesson has been a member of the US Equestrian High Performance Driving Committee and the Chairperson of the US Equestrian High Performance Eligible Active Pair Driver Committee.