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Gwen Hall
Gwen Hall
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Hometown: Woodland Park, Colo.

Birthday: 10/7/1966

Sport/Disciplines: Endurance

Gwen Hall graduated from the University of Missouri College of Veterinary Medicine. She is a practicing small animal veterinarian and is married with two stepsons. A former ultramarathon runner, Hall held several women’s course records at the 50 kilometer and 50 mile distances in the states of Missouri and Kansas. In 2001, she held the eleventh fastest U.S. women’s 100-mile time. This will be Hall’s first WEG. Since 2013, Gwen and SizeDoesntMatter have completed 11 of the 13 races they have entered, always finishing in the top five. The combination placed first in the 2018 Fire Up Ridgecrest CEI2*, first in the 2017 Ft. Howes CEI2*, and first in the 2017 Lone Star Express CEI1*.