1. Click the SafeSport tile in your US  My USEF dasboard
  2. If you see a green “You can now access SafeSport Training” under the blue bar with your member info, proceed to step 4
  3. If you see “Find/Create Your SafeSport Training Account” under the blue bar with your member info:
    1. Enter your email, birthday, and zip code to associate your US Equestrian member account to a SafeSport Training account
    2. Click “find match”
    3. Click “select” on the correct account matching your personal information
    4. If a match cannot be found and you have completed SafeSport Training in the past, try entering a different email and click “find match” again
    5. If a match cannot be found with any of your emails, click “create new account”
    6. If a match cannot be found and you have never completed SafeSport Training, click “create new account”
    7. Once the account has been associated successfully, you will see a green “success” bar, with the training activities below.
  4. Complete the required SafeSport courses in your dashboard
    • If you are experiencing any technical difficulties with the SafeSport Training, or do not see the expected courses in your training dashboard, please let us know by submitting this form.
  5. After the SafeSport Training is complete, save your “SafeSport Trained” certificate to keep for verification purposes