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USEF Unveils Complete Rebrand, Launches New Member Benefits

by USEF Communications Department | Jan 12, 2017, 9:02 AM

Lexington, Ky. – The United States Equestrian Federation is pleased to announce a rebranding, launch of a new fan membership, and additional membership benefits. Effective January 11, 2017, the Federation has become US Equestrian and has adopted a refreshed identity as part of a new overall strategic plan for the organization. This includes a refreshed logo that removes the shield element and better aligns the brand with other successful national governing bodies.

Introduced by incoming President, Murray Kessler, at the Annual Meeting in Lexington, Ky. on Wednesday, the vision of the new US Equestrian is to bring the joy of horse sports to as many people as possible. This closely coincides with the organization’s mission to provide access to and increase participation in equestrian sports at all levels by ensuring fairness, safety, and enjoyment. US Equestrian will strive to engage horse sport enthusiasts at all levels through enhanced member offerings and consistent championing of horse welfare and fair play initiatives.

The website, USEF.org is now USequestrian.org and has been completely reengineered into a user-focused and mobile-friendly site that offers many useful tools and resources. Member-only benefits on the website include horse and rider searches, standings, and competition results.

In concert with the rebrand, US Equestrian has launched the Joy of Horse Sports ad campaign. Imagery in print, digital, and video showcases the bond between horse and rider that is very much unique to equestrian sport. The essence of the ads captures the emotion that is felt and experienced by everyone who participates in horse sports and encourages people to discover and be a part of US Equestrian. 

For horse sport enthusiasts who may not be currently competing, but wish to take part in all the benefits US Equestrian offers, the new $25 fan membership offers a great value and access to all non-competition based benefits.

All members can look forward to new and enhanced membership benefits, including:

US Equestrian Learning Center
With 35 education videos featuring elite athletes, trainers, and industry experts, US Equestrian’s Learning Center is a library of videos featuring lessons and insider tips on a wide range of topics, including horse care, training, safety and welfare, the 29 breeds and disciplines that US Equestrian recognizes, and more. Videos will be added on a continuing basis, providing a hub of learning for experienced competitors and fans alike.

USEF Network
The USEF Network is now a part of the greater USequestrian.org and will continue to feature live-streaming and on-demand video from a wide range of exciting equestrian events each year. US Equestrian members receive full access to over 2,000 hours of content, including commentary from the top U.S. equestrians and the latest news.

Equestrian Weekly
Coming in February, the all new Equestrian Weekly newsletter will showcase the best of US Equestrian, including original articles, membership updates, and special member-only offers.

US Equestrian Magazine
With a fresh new look, US Equestrian Magazine provides digital stories that educate and celebrate. It will be delivered quarterly to members.