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USEF Assigns Farnam the Task of Controlling an Over-Zealous Fly Population

by Sarah Evers | Jun 2, 2005, 1:58 PM

Lexington, KY – The header may seem humorous, but anyone who knows horses knows the subject is anything but. From Stable Flies and Blow Flies to mosquitoes that can carry the West Nile virus, these merciless two-winged insects are a well-established nuisance in every equestrian circle.

Enter the trusted name of Farnam (our white knight of fly control) to the rescue. The newest top-tier sponsor of the United States Equestrian Federation, Farnam Companies, Inc. has entered an exclusive partnership with the leader of equestrian sport, and will have the distinction of being the “Official Fly Control Products of the USEF.”

“This problem affects every horse owner,” says Chris Jacobi, President of Farnam Horse Products. “It’s the natural choice for Farnam to be involved with the USEF and its members. These are the people who are turning to us for fly control advice, and we want to be as accessible to them as possible. They have already come to trust our name, our products and our track record. Now they have the added peace of mind knowing we’re on board with the Federation they trust.”

The nation's leading manufacturer of equine products for more then 50 years, Farnam continues to offer innovative approaches to battling one of nature’s longest standing pests. Farnam’s broad arsenal fights unwelcome barn intruders strategically with more than 35 fly control products, including economic Bronco®, sweat-proof Endure®, Equi-Spot® Spot-on, Supermask, Mosquito Halt® and SimpliFly™ with LarvaStop™ Feed-Thru Fly Control.
For more information on Farnam fly control, or any of Farnam’s other cutting edge equestrian products, visit www.FarnamHorse.com.
~~~For more information, please contact Sarah Lane, Public Relations Manager at (859) 225-6974 or via email at [email protected]. USEF press releases are available on our web site – www.usef.org.