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Beth Miner and Alvin Topping Honored with USHJA Lifetime Achievement Award

by Brian Sosby | Dec 29, 2008, 1:42 PM

Lexington, KY – In its inaugural year, the United States Hunter Jumper Association (USHJA) Lifetime Achievement Award was created to recognize members whose involvement in the sport, and the USHJA itself, has benefited the industry. On December 10, Beth Miner and Alvin Topping were honored with the prestigious award at the 2008 Evening of Equestrians Dinner during the USHJA Annual Meeting in Nashville, TN.

Both Miner and Topping have an illustrious history with the USHJA and took a prominent role in its founding. For their involvement in the industry as equestrians and their roles in founding the organization, USHJA President Bill Moroney selected them to receive the Lifetime Achievement Award.

Miner, of Hugo, MN, is the USHJA’s Secretary and sits on its Board of Directors, as well as the USHJA Foundation’s Board of Directors. She also serves on the Zone 6 Hunter Committee, USHJA Capital Campaign Committee and takes an active role on several USEF committees.

“It’s been a part of my blood forever and I love it,” Miner said about the hunter/jumper industry. As a child, she grew up foxhunting and later became a horse show mom before showing in the adult amateur and amateur owner classes herself. Always interested in the governance side of the sport, Miner served on the Minnesota Hunter Jumper Association board for 10 years and spent two years as the chairman.

Topping, of Sagaponack, NY, serves as the USHJA’s Treasurer and sits on the Board of Directors of both the USHJA and the USHJA Foundation. He’s also a member of the USHJA Pony Hunter Task Force, Capital Campaign Committee, Finance Committee and sits on several USEF committees.

Topping operated Swan Creek Farm in New York where he taught hunters and won at major horse shows with his ponies. “What I instilled in kids as students and what they grew to accomplish – not only in the horse business, but their accomplishments in school and what they turned into as young adults was the most satisfactory thing for me as a trainer,” Topping said.

When the USHJA was named the national affiliate of the USEF five years ago, both Miner and Topping were instrumental in the association’s success. “Having the opportunity to be a part of the driving force to establish the USHJA as the representative of the hunter/jumper world has been unbelievable,” Miner said. “I’m so proud of the young organization and how responsive members are to it.”

Both award recipients were presented with the Eugene R. Mische Perpetual Trophy. Mische, the trophy’s namesake, was a 2001 Inductee of the Show Jumping Hall of Fame and continues to be instrumental in the growth of the industry.

For more information on the USHJA Lifetime Achievement Award, please contact Kristyn Kay at [email protected] or (859) 225-2054.