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Short List for 2004 Olympic Eventing Team Announced

by kcadams | Jun 16, 2004, 12:00 PM

Lexington, KY – The United States Equestrian Federation today announced the Short List and Alternates for the Short List for the 2004 Olympic Games Eventing Team. According to the official selection procedures, a total of fifteen horse and rider combinations may be named to the Short List and a rider may be named with more than one horse. The Short List is as follows:

Rider Residence Horse Owner
Nathalie Bouckaert Chatsworth, GA West Farthing (G)
English Thoroughbred
Carl Bouckaert
Stephanie Bouckaert
Stephen Bradley Leesburg, VA From (G)
Russian Thoroughbred
Maria T. Amos Land
Darren Chiacchia Springville, NY Windfall 2 (S)
Tim Holekamp
Will Faudree Southern Pines, NC Antigua (G)
Australian Thoroughbred
Will and Matt Faudree
Holly Hepp Middleburg, VA Damien (G)
Thoroughbred-Dutch Warmblood X
Mari Krein Secrist
Roger Secrist
Abigail Lufkin Middleburg, VA Kildonan Tug (G)
Australian Thoroughbred
Dan Lufkin
Tom Purcell
David O’Connor The Plains, VA Outlawed (G)
New Zealand Thoroughbred
Jennifer Taxay
Julie Richards Atlanta, GA Jacob Two Two (G)
Canadian Thoroughbred
Jim Richards
Kim Severson Keene, VA Winsome Adante (G)
English Thoroughbred
He’s Got Rhythm
Linda Wachtmeister

Linda Wachtmeister
Jan Thompson Purcellville, VA Task Force (G)
Jo Ellen Byyny
Richard Byyny
Amy Tryon Duvall, WA My Beau (G)

Poggio II (G)
Leigh Mesher
Bob & Barbara Mesher

Amy Tryon
Mark Hart
Heidi White Chadds Ford, PA Northern Spy (G)
English Thoroughbred
Heidi White
John Williams Middleburg, VA Carrick (G) Ann Williams
Dr. Elise DePapp


Rider Residence Horse Owner
Anna Collier Ridgefield, WA Leopold (G)
Thoroughbred cross
Anna Collier
Abigail Lufkin Middleburg, VA Better I Do It (G) Dan Lufkin
Tom Purcell
Gina Miles Creston, CA McKinlaigh (G)
Irish Sport Horse
Tom Schulz
Laura Coats
Karen O’Connor The Plains, VA Upstage (G)
M/M Richard Thompson
Kim Severson Keene, VA Maguire (G)
Irish Thoroughbred
Linda Wachtmeister
Jan Thompson Purcellville, VA Shared Dreams (G)
Jo Ellen Byyny
Richard Byyny
John Williams Middleburg, VA Sloopy (G)
Mary Delton
Robert Boeckman