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PFHA Grand National Championship Show: Day 2

by By Sarah Holt, Paso Fino Horse Association | Sep 21, 2004, 12:00 PM

Day two of the Paso Fino Horse Association Grand National Championship show was another fun-filled day of extremely full classes, plus lots of fun and entertainment. Near record entries had many classes running two or even three sections before bringing back the best in each section to choose the best of the group.

In the Performance Geldings for Gold class, Artillero Arroyo Maraca owned by Dick Miller of Des Moines, IA, was victorious. In the huge Pleasure Mares class, La Gavlota De Fanfarrona, ridden by Michael Bruce, brought home the title for owner Jody Schon of North Salem, NY. The final class of the evening saw the Hacienda Los Angeles owned, Pirata de Besilu and rider Angela K. Redondo win the Fino Amateur Owner Class.

The PFHA High Point Horse of the Year was awarded to Hechicera PM, owned by Bill Minter of Lexington, NC, Paul E. Mercer of McArthur, OH, and Alan Dwayne Tilley of Winston Salem, NC.

The action continues with more great classes, fun entertainment and special awards. The competition runs through Saturday, September 25, starting each morning at 8:30 a.m.(ET).

Results from Monday:

16. Pleasure A/O Schooling Four-Year-Old Colts/Geldings
Horse: Fairway’s Panorama
Rider: Sheila Spence
Owner: Louis R & Sheila D Spence

17. Youth Horsemanship Junior (13-17)
Horse: Regalo de Guanabo
Rider: Rebecca Saavedra
Owner: Juan, Jacqueline and Rebecca Saavedra

18. Performance Geldings for Gold
Horse: Artillero Arroyo Maraca
Owner: Dick Miller

19. Pleasure A/O Schooling Three-Year-Old Fillies
Horse: Fairway’s Sequoia
Rider: Louis Robert Spence II
Owner: Louis R. and Sheila D. Spence

20. Country Pleasure
Horse: Hechicera PM
Rider: Bill Minter
Owner: Paul Mercer, Bill Minter and Dwayne Tilley

21. Bellas Formas 2001 Colts (3-Year-Old)
Horse: El Timbalero CC
Handler: Ramon Figueroa
Owner: Pedro A. Bello

22. Driving
Horse: Spring Meadow Amaretto
Driver: Ellen Hoffman
Owner: Frank Tourville, JR

23. Pleasure A/O Geldings
Horse: General
Rider: Lori West
Owner: Lori & Gregory West

24. Fino Schooling Three-Year-Old Fillies
Horse: La Flor De La Cosecha
Rider: Hector Suarez
Owner: David & David Yomar Diaz-Torres

25. Fino A/O Schooling Four-Year-Old Fillies
Horse: La Zaragosa de La LIbertad
Rider: Lisa Corey
Owner: Leo Lomangino

26. Pleasure Schooling Three-Year Old Colts/Geldings
Horse: Cree del Azur
Rider: Alvaro Iriarte
Owner: Francis Azur

27. Fino A/O Geldings
Horse: Altanero de L.M.
Rider: Dick Miller
Owner: Dick Miller

28. Pleasure Schooling Four-Year-Old Fillies
Horse: Castile Centellas
Rider: Shaw Laney
Owner: George W. Plonk

29. Performance A/O Stallions
Horse: Simbolo JR
Rider: Betty J. Goldman
Owner: La Tierra Paso Finos

30. Pleasure Mares
Horse: La Gavlota De Fanfarrona
Rider: Michael Bruce
Owner: Jody Schon

31. Fino A/O Stallions
Horse: Pirata de Besilu
Rider: Angela K. Redondo
Owner: Hacienda Los Angeles