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Official Measuring Sticks Available Through USEF

by By Mary Smith | Apr 6, 2006, 10:35 AM EST

The United States Equestrian Federation (USEF) has obtained a  supply of the official measurement sticks that are now available to stewards, technical delegates and competitions. The sticks have metric measurements on one side, hands on the other side. Each stick is numbered and comes with a zippered carrying case. Cost of the stick is $410, with shipping and handling fees of $25, for a total cost of $435. An order form is available for purchasing the sticks or renting the sticks.

You can also contact the Licensed Officials Department. The sticks will be sent via FedEx, with a four to five weekday delivery schedule.
Contact Melissa Lawson, Measurement Specialist, at [email protected] or call (859) 225-2026.