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Need Health Coverage? Try US Equestrian’s Affordable Member Benefits.

by US Equestrian Communications | Nov 16, 2020, 11:01 AM EST

Are you considering your health coverage options, weighing monthly costs and benefits? Take a look at US Equestrian’s affordable new benefits program for members, with super price points and coverage plans for individuals and small businesses. This program offers access to expansive health coverage, including medical, dental, vision, and disability coverage, for all competing USEF members and USEF subscribing fan members. 

Prices are highly competitive: healthcare coverage can run as low as $344 a month, while dental coverage starts as low as $24.20 a month and vision benefits begin as low as $9.57 per month. For additional information about rates, check out

Currently, promotional fan members are not eligible to enroll in the benefits program, but upgrading your membership is simple—simply click the Membership tab at the top right at, then scroll down to find the Join or Renew tile. 

Finding affordable health coverage for individuals and businesses can be a daunting process. We have customized our new benefits program to best fit the needs and interests of our diverse membership. In an effort to ensure exemplary programs and partnerships, US Equestrian does not accept royalties or payments of any kind from our member health benefits partners. 

Benefits for individuals include access to free mental health counseling, individual health coverage plans, dental, vision, and a portfolio of supplemental plans. Guaranteed-issue health coverage plans are also available for critical illness, accident, and life insurance coverage provided by MetLife; emergency medical transportation through MASA Medical Transport Solutions, available at a 35% discount for families in most states; and much more. Telemedicine coverage also is available through the member benefits program, giving you access to a licensed physician 24/7 via telephone. And our teledentist benefit offers a reliable, convenient solution for information about both urgent and ongoing dental care.

For details about the range of available benefits, visit

For small businesses of any industry, the current benefits program offers group health coverage plans for business owners and companies with two employees or more, often at lower cost than other available plans. Each plan is customizable to help you find the right plan for your business needs and only requires a manageable, recurring monthly payment. 

We believe our members should have the opportunity to access affordable health coverage and are proud to offer this comprehensive benefits plan to all paid US Equestrian members. With the rollout of this new program, US Equestrian has created a dedicated 24/7 member benefit hotline, where trained specialists can help you navigate the different coverage plans and find plans that best fit you and your business. 

“USEF is proud to have worked to negotiate the amazing benefits that our member individuals and business owners deserve,” said US Equestrian Director of Human Resources Kelly Bolton. “Affordable health coverage benefits are now available to all members at rates typically only given to large companies and employers. This brings opportunity for affordable health care to our diverse membership, including people who may be self-employed or have no other access to benefits. Whether it is a competitor, a fan member, a small stable owner, a farm worker, a business owner, or a family member, access to a wide range of services is now available at extremely low rates. Our telemedicine service is an example of this, at only $8.95 per month or free with purchase of an individual health care plan. Members have 24/7 access to a physician for the same cost as their morning coffee-shop trip.” 

To learn more about US Equestrian’s new member benefits, please visit or call our 24/7 dedicated member benefits hotline at 1-800-349-1082.