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Horses Bring Together Mother and Son

by US Equestrian Communications Department | May 14, 2024, 4:00 PM

It is not uncommon for US Equestrian to receive stories from our members talking about the power horses have.

We all know that these beautiful animals can do so much, both in the field of play and outside of the competition ring. We love receiving those stories (and encourage you to keep sending them in).

On a recent trip to Promise Landing Farm in Marlboro, Maryland, we had the opportunity to meet Hayden and Kim Haines. This mother and son pair brought to life the true connective power of horses.

At 31 years old, Hayden is nonverbal, autistic, and is also diagnosed with a seizure disorder.

Hayden has always related very well to animals, making horses an ideal match for him. For many years, Hayden had his own horse. To ride, Kim would help lead him around, but there was always one missing piece: instruction.

Enter Promise Landing Farm, who is one of the organizations in US Equestrian’s Community Outreach Program.

Photo Credit: Rachel Neff - Promise Landing Farm

“Having the instruction is so important!” Kim explained. “This is one of the reasons Promise Landing Farm is such a great program. For the past four years, Hayden has been able to learn new skills and participate with others, including the horses.”

Kim noticed Hayden responds well to interacting with the horses not only in the barn and arena, but also more so out on the beautiful trails.

Kim recalled one of her favorite moments where she and Hayden rode on the trails together. Kim was riding one of Promise Landing’s horses named Teddy, and Hayden was on another horse named Irine.

“There is nothing more special than to be able to ride with your son! It was a really beautiful day, and that meant the world to me.” says Kim.

Horses have the power to not only change lives, but to also bring people together. To see more stories like Kim and Hayden’s, or to learn more about our Community Outreach Program, visit