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What It Takes To Make Top Quality Feed

Posted: August 2023
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About This Video

In this Learning Center video, you will learn more about what it takes to make top-quality horse feed.

BUCKEYE™ Nutrition gave US Equestrian a behind the scenes look into how their feed is made with a focus on feed safety, quality ingredients, traceability, and supplier relationships.  When selecting your horses feed, it is important to know the science and safeguards in place to ensure the horse’s best interest is front and center.  


Additional Information

About The Experts

Dr. Nettie Liburt, DVM
Senior Equine Nutrition Manager at Mars Horsecare US/BUCKEYE™ Nutrition
Bryan Cassill
Commercial and Formulation Manger, BUCKEYE™ Nutrition
Stacy Boyd
Marketing Director, BUCKEYE™ Nutrition