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Watch as Audrey Samara, master saddle-fitter for Prestige Italia, demonstrates how to fit a saddle to both horse and rider and explains the importance of a properly fitting saddle for the health and welfare of your horse. This video is brought to you by Prestige Italia.

About This Video

A properly fitting saddle is a key to good horsemanship. Audrey Samara, master saddle-fitter for Prestige Italia, explains that proper saddle fit is a vital part of your horse’s welfare, comfort, and performance. Samara demonstrates her process for fitting a saddle for both the horse and the rider and discusses signs to look out for that indicate you might have an ill-fitting saddle. If you are looking for a new or used saddle, she recommends that you be sure to talk with the person who is showing you the saddles to understand what their qualifications are, how long they have been fitting saddles, and the results they typically get.

Key Principles:

  • Fitting the Horse
  • Saddle Tracing
  • Fitting the Rider
  • Signs of an Ill-Fitting Saddle
  • Best Practices

This video is brought to you by Prestige Italia, the Official Saddle of US Equestrian.

Thank you to Alison Robitaille, U.S. Jumping athlete and Prestige Italia ambassador, for donating her time and letting us film at Newstead Farm in Wellington, Fla. for this video.

About The Expert

Audrey Samara
Audrey Samara
Master Saddle Fitter, Prestige Italia

Audrey Samara is a master saddle fitter with Prestige Italia and is based out of Chicago, Ill., and Wellington, Fla. Samara has been fitting horses for saddles for over 12 years and became a certified master saddle fitter for Prestige 10 years ago. She has worked with riders of all levels to find the perfect saddle for their horses, from amateur riders to the elite competitors heading to events like the Olympic Games and FEI World Cup qualifiers.

Samara attended the University of Illinois and earned her Bachelor of Science in Animal Science. She is a lifelong horsewoman and got her first horse at the age of 12.

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