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It is important to have a nutritional plan tailored to each horse. In this Learning Center video,  presented by Mars Horsecare US/BUCKEYE™ Nutrition, Dr. Nettie Liburt discusses the importance of creating an individualized nutrition plan for your horse through each stage of life and highlights key factors and feeds to consider as your horse transitions through various life stages. She also provides tips on how to locate a qualified nutritionist near you.






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Nettie Liburt, PhD
Nettie Liburt, PhD
Professional Animal Scientist

Dr. Nettie Liburt is the Senior Equine Nutrition Manager at Mars Horsecare US/BUCKEYE™ Nutrition where she helps develop new products, trains associates in equine nutrition, provides veterinary continuing education, and works with the company’s UK-based team and the WALTHAM® Centre for Pet Nutrition on developing and implementing research protocols.  She holds master’s and PhD degrees in Animal Science (Equine Nutrition & Exercise Physiology) from Rutgers University, and studied the effects of age and exercise on metabolism and stress under the direction of Dr. Kenneth McKeever and Dr. Karyn Malinowski.  As a result, senior horses hold a special place in her heart!  Dr. Liburt is a member of the Equine Science Society, is a registered Professional Animal Scientist (PAS), and has a happily spoiled semi-retired Appendix gelding named “ET”, his name a nod to his unusual alien-shaped star and big personality.  When she has the time, Dr. Liburt enjoys competing in the hunter and equitation divisions.