Watch as Dr. Evan Becker talks about performing lameness exams.

About This Video

Dr. Evan Becker talks about what goes into a lameness exam. A lameness exam is a way to determine where your horse is experiencing pain. Sometimes lameness can be seen in one or multiple limbs.

The American Association of Equine Practitioners (AAEP) has a beneficial lameness scale used by veterinarians to determine the grade of a horse’s lameness. Veterinarians will begin a lameness exam by watching the horse's gaits and (delete the vet) understanding the horse's history, including how long the lameness has been going on, breed, workload, age, has the owner medicated the horse, and has that helped, among other factors. Then, the veterinarian will watch the horse at a jog, use hoof testers, and perform palpations, flexion tests, or other diagnostic procedures.

Having a veterinarian perform a lameness exam is a helpful way to ensure your horse stays happy, healthy, and able to perform at a comfortable level. Watch to learn more about lameness exams. 

About The Expert

Dr. Evan Becker, DVM
Dr. Evan Becker, DVM
Hagyard Equine Medical Institute

Dr. Becker was born and raised on a small horse farm in Frederick, Maryland. He attended the University of Kentucky where he was a member of the polo team and obtained his B.S. in Animal Science in 2015. With a passion for equine medicine, Dr. Becker continued his education at Auburn University where he received his Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine in 2019. Following graduation, he completed a one-year internship at Ocala Equine Hospital rotating between surgery and ambulatory services.

Dr. Becker’s personal interests include running or hiking with his fiancée, Joy, and their highly energetic black lab, Allie, traveling, and attending Kentucky and Auburn sporting events.