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About This Video

In this Learning Center video, BUCKEYE™ Nutrition experts will take you behind the scenes to learn more about how their top quality horse feed is made. 

When making top-quality horse feed, BUCKEYE Nutrition focuses on three important factors:  being an equine-based company, having a medication-free mill, and using 100% pure traceable ingredients.

From probing the grains before they are accepted into the facility to their process of stacking bags of the final product, every step is thoroughly executed.


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About The Experts

Jeff Flenniken
Jeff Flenniken
Supply Chain Director, BUCKEYE™ Nutrition
Jeff Flenniken
Nettie Liburt, PhD
Senior Equine Nutrition Manager at Mars Horsecare US/BUCKEYE™ Nutrition
Jeff Flenniken
Stacy Boyd
Marketing Director, BUCKEYE™ Nutrition