Watch professional horse groom and body clipping business owner Shannon O’Hatnick explain when and why you might need to give your horse a trace clip or full body clip, what equipment you need, and handy tips and tricks to give your horse that sleek, professional look. This video is brought to you by SmartPak.

About This Video

Professional groom and body clipper Shannon O’Hatnick gets you ready to clip your horse by showing you what clippers you’ll need and how to prepare your horse’s coat. Then she shows the best way to clip a horse, whether it needs a trace clip or full body clip, with tips to make the final result look smooth and professional—with no clipper tracks. And don’t forget: your clipped horse needs blanketing.

Key Principles:

  • When To Clip
  • Equipment
  • Preparation
  • Clipping
  • Trace Clip
  • Full Body Clip
  • Tips and Tricks


This video is brought to you by SmartPak

About The Expert

Shannon O'Hatnick
Shannon O'Hatnick
Professional Groom

Shannon O’Hatnick is a professional groom for three-day eventer Allie Knowles and the owner of Radiant Clips in Lexington, Kentucky. To learn more about her, please visit her on Facebook and Instagram.