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Buying or leasing a horse can be an exciting time in any equestrian's career.  To aid our members in navigating the process of equine transactions, we have provided some useful resources below.  These informational resources are designed to provde those involved in the process with some helpful discussion points and frequent obstacles to be aware of when leasing or buying a horse.


US Equestrian is committed to providing our members with a fair, safe, and enjoyable sport.  We expect all our members to conduct business in an ethical, fair, honest, and responsible manner.  US Equestrian recognizes a distinct need for greater educational resources to provide a better understanding of the relationship between purchaser, seller, agents, and trainers.  Commissions are a reasonable component of equine transactions, providing they are fair in your opinion, and are fully disclosed to the relevant parties in advance of the transaction.  Maintaining integrity in all business transactions is critical to the sustainability and growth of equestrian sport.

Click on the link below to access the Equine Transaction Packet 

Equine Transaction Packet

Key Components to Include in Equine Transaction Agreements

Disclaimer:  This lists below are provided for informational purposes only and serve as a guideline for potential items to include in equine transaction agreements. The lists are neither inclusive nor do they guarantee an enforceable and complete contract. The lists are not intended to provide legal advice. All USEF members are encouraged to seek the guidance of a licensed attorney to assist in an equine sale or lease transaction.



 US Equestrian appreciates the assistance of the members of the Equine Transaction Task Force including Elisabeth Goth (Chair), Debbie Bass, Lisa Blackstone, Josh Greer, Armand Leone, Janine Malone, Marty Schaffel, Judy Sloan, and Judy Werner, as well as the many members who provided us with information and personal experiences.

Forms and Publications


Key items to consider when engaging the services of an agent in the sale, lease, or purchase of a horse.


Key items to consider when drafting a trial agreement


Key items to consider when drafting a purchase or lease agreement


Key items to consider when drafting a bill of sale