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Consistent with GR153, modifications may be made in the application of Federation Rules under special circumstances by the President after soliciting recommendations from appropriate Councils and Committees. 

A Senior Active Member of USEF may submit a Request for Presidential Modification, along with a $50 processing fee. All Presidential Modifications are carefully considered and, if approved, are only applicable for the duration of the designated competition year. Please consult GR153 for additional guidance.


In addition to personal identifying information (i.e. name, contact information, USEF membership number, etc.) and all applicable rules for which a modification is requested, the Request must contain a statement describing two separate, but related, topics:

  1. Special Circumstance: The statement must describe clearly how the Request constitutes a special circumstance, which is an extraordinary and unique circumstance beyond the control of the requestor, that is unanticipated or unexpected; and
  2. Severe Hardship: The statement must address how, unless a Request is approved, the application of the applicable Federation Rule under the special circumstance described in Part 1 would create or continue a severe hardship or gross unfairness to the Federation, its members or their horses, its licensed competitions, or its Recognized Affiliate associations.


Statements accompanying the Request must provide sufficient detail clearly articulating the above criteria. In order to ensure a comprehensive initial review, the most appropriate avenue for submitting a Request for Presidential Modification is through consultation with USEF staff assigned to the relevant breed or discipline and completion of the Presidential Modification Request Form. The Request may take up to 10 business days to process.

Once a review is completed, the President’s decision will be communicated to the requesting party in writing via email. A Request is not approved unless and until the requesting party receives a written approval letter.

Contact Information

General Information
Meredith Monti
[email protected] | 859 225 6922

Presidential Modification Requests
Karen Adams
[email protected] | 859 225 2046


Presidential Modification Request Form

This form may be used to submit a Request for Presidential Modification.

Measurement Verification - HU181

Remainder of 2018 and all of 2019 competition year