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Vesicular Stomatitis (VS) Outbreak Updates (effective 9.1.2023)
Nominations are now open for USEF Independent Director. (Nominations close 9/30/2023.)

Consistent with GR153, modifications may be made in the application of Federation Rules under special circumstances by the President after soliciting recommendations from appropriate Councils and Committees. 

A Senior Active Member of USEF may submit a request for Presidential Modification, along with a non-refundable $50 processing fee. Please allow up to ten days for processing.  Requests submitted within 10 days of the Effective Date will incur an additional rush fee.  All Presidential Modifications are carefully considered and, if approved, are only applicable for the duration of the designated competition year. 


GR153 Presidential Modifications

1. Modifications may be made in the application of the Federation Rules under special circumstances (see Bylaw 332.1f). Requests should be submitted to the office of the President and will be forwarded to appropriate committee chairmen for their recommendations before being submitted to the President for consideration.

a. Senior Active Members of the Federation may submit a request for Presidential Modification to the Rules with supporting documentation and a non-refundable processing fee.

        b. The President has the authority to waive the processing fee.

c. When a horse has a chronic condition and has previously been granted at least one annual Presidential Modification to Dressage or Eventing rules related to the condition, an application can be submitted for approval of a special three-year Presidential Modification related to the same condition. The application must be accompanied by sufficient supporting documentation that the condition is unlikely to improve during the three-year period.



In addition to personal identifying information (i.e. name, contact information, USEF membership number, etc.) and all applicable rules for which a modification is requested, the request must contain a statement describing two separate, but related, topics:

  1. Special Circumstance: The statement must describe clearly how the request constitutes a special circumstance, which is an extraordinary and unique circumstance beyond the control of the requestor, that is unanticipated or unexpected; and
  2. Severe Hardship: The statement must address how, unless a request is approved, the application of the applicable Federation Rule under the special circumstance described in Part 1 would create or continue a severe hardship or gross unfairness to the Federation, its members or their horses, its licensed competitions, or its Recognized Affiliate associations.


Statements accompanying the request must provide sufficient detail clearly articulating the above criteria including any necessary attachments. In order to ensure a comprehensive initial review, please submit a Request for Presidential Modification by logging into your My USEF Dashboard or Competition Management Dashboard. Once a review is completed, the President’s decision will be communicated to the requesting party in writing via the email provided. A request is not approved unless and until the requesting party receives a written approval letter.


Contact Information

Karen Adams, Executive Assistant
[email protected] | 859 225 2046


Equestrian Canada member requirement extension - GR202.1 & GR828.4.a-.b

Extends US Equestrian membership requirement for Equestrian Canada members from 9/1/23 to 12/1/23.

NIL guidance for NCAA collegiate equestrian student athletes

Effective July 21, 2021 to present

Modification to USEF Lite rules GR310.1, GR310.7.6, AR162.1.k-.m, HJ127.1-.2, HK103.2, HK134.3, RD101.2, SB145.1.b, SB204.2, SP107.2, and WL102.2.a-.c

Effective August 15, 2023 to November 30, 2024

2022 & 2023 HOTY point modification for Morgan Grand National - GR1111.2

Only National HOTY points, not Regional HOTY points, may be earned.

2022-2023 modification to Arabian Working Hunter AR164.2

Effective 5/23/22 through the end of the 2023 competition year

Modification to Arabian Hunt Seat Equitation - AR247 & AR258

Effective for the remainder of the 2023 competition year and the 2024 competition year

Modification to GR303.1 and GR310.1 for Lite competitions

Effective May 2, 2023 through the 2024 competition year

Modification to In-hand Friesian and Part-Bred Friesian class rules - FR115, FR116 & FR117

In effect for the 2023 competition year

Modification to Ranch Riding rules: SB22

Effective until the standard proposed rule change is reviewed by the USEF BOD

Modification to Transfer of Ownership Rule - GR1105.1

Effective May 1, 2023