Safe Sport

The Safe Sport Initiative provides information, resources, and a protocol to help all members of the equestrian community ensure a safe and positive environment for athletes to develop their skills. Through resources like the Safe Sport Policy Handbook, training programs, and other tools, Safe Sport helps those in the equestrian community recognize, reduce, and respond to the unfortunate dangers of misconduct or abuse.

All USEF Designees must successfully complete awareness training every two years concerning the Athlete Protection Policy. For more information about the Safe Sport Initative, including links to online training resources, please visit our page on Safe Sport.

Equine Disease Prevention

State Animal Health Officials (SAHOs), under the direction of the State Veterinarian, protect the health of the equine industry. The SAHOs monitor equine diseases and equine movement within the states to mitigate threats and to effectively respond to the disease incursions. Each state develops and maintains a state reportable disease list, which includes endemic equine diseases of concern to the state’s equine industry and foreign equine diseases of national concern. A complete list of State Animal Health Officials may be found here. Detection of a regulated reportable equine disease results in SAHO assessment of disease risks and determination of appropriate disease control measures to be implemented such as quarantine, movement controls or biosecurity measures. However, a reportable disease does not necessarily mean actionable, as the SAHO investigation of the disease may deem control measures unnecessary. The American Horse Council's National Equine Health Plan may be found here

Recognized Affiliates Best Practices

Best practices may vary by breed and discipline. Below, in the Forms and Publications portion of this page, are some of US Equestrian's Recognized Affiliates best practices. 



Forms and Publications

Biosecurity Measures for Horses at Home and at Competitions

This packet provides members with information regarding the transmission of infectious diseases.

Equine Diseases Forum 2016 White Paper

This paper provides members with some of the latest updates on equine diseases.

Social Media Community Guidelines

This document provides guidance for engaging with US Equestrian-owned social media accounts as well as general, public facing accounts. Last updated - 3.15.24