U.S. Athletes (U.S. citizens) wishing to compete in International Events must receive permission from US Equestrian.  Please see the Additional Resources section below for information on the protocols and regulations for competing abroad.


Applications to compete abroad as an Individual (not on a U.S. Team) are completed through the US Equestrian Athlete Services organization.

Which application should I submit?  In the online Athlete Dashboard, riders have access to two options: Online Applications and FEI Entry.  It is important to complete the correct Application in order to able to compete!


  • Online ApplicationsRequired for selection to a Team.  The Online Applications section allows athletes to apply for selection to a CVIO Event at which the U.S. will field a Team.   
  • FEI Entry: Required to compete as an Individual (not on a U.S. Team).  Athletes must submit the FEI Entry in order to be entered into the FEI Entry System to compete as an Individual at any FEI Event, CVI or CVIO, whether in the U.S. or abroad.  The FEI Entry process in managed by US Equestrian Athlete Services.


Entries - Athletes must enter all CVIOs or CVIs through USEF.  Entries for the event in question will be submitted by USEF no later than the entry closing date, unless a set application process has been implemented.

Forms and Publications

Vaulting Athlete Services

Information for Competing in a Foreign Country

Overall Qualification Criteria for FEI Events

This is the current FEI qualification document for FEI competitions.

Guide to Applying for Foreign FEI Competition

This is a guide for Athletes applying to compete in FEI competitions Internationally.

FEI Rules and Regulations for Vaulting

FEI Rules and Regulations for Vaulting

FEI General Rules

FEI General Rules

FEI HorseApp and Horse Health Regulations

Memo on FEI HorseApp Health requirements

Memo to Athletes Selected by US Equestrian to Represent the USA

The USPOC has implemented a new background check policy as part of their efforts to ensure athlete safety for all sports.