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COVID-19 Action Plan Update: New USEF COVID-19 Action Plan updates and spectator polices going into effect May 3, 2021

The USOPC added a new webinar to the Sports Nutrition for Para Athletes webinar series – this one is on Staying Healthy. While it’s about nutrition to support immune function, it wasn’t put together specifically for Covid-19 messaging.


The purpose of these 15-20 min webinars is to provide a resource for athletes who don’t have regular access to a sport dietitian. They are resources that any athlete at any stage in their career can take something away from.\


I’ve listed the entire series here as a reminder of the links. The last link on the list is the newest one.


Intro -

· Sports nutrition introduction -

· Fueling appropriately for training -

· Hydration -

· Recovering effectively between training sessions (the 4 R’s of recovery) -

· Changing body composition -

· Competition nutrition -

· Travel nutrition -

· Staying Healthy -


In addition, I’d like to take the opportunity to highlight that the USOPC Sport Dietitian professional team have recently updated all of the fact sheets on their website, and added a new one on vegetarian/ vegan eating. Please take a look at the new format -