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Recent Results in National and International Combined Driving


Results - 2020 Live Oak CDE/CAI2*-3*

Overall results

Results - 2020 Live Oak National Championships

USEF Advanced National Championships results

Results - 2020 Grand Oaks CDE/CAI

CDE/CAI2* results

Results - 2020 Spring Fling CDE

USEF Preliminary National Championships ("UPC" = Championship class)

Results - 2019 Kentucky Classic CDE/CAI 2*

CDE/CAI2* results

Results - 2019 Katydid CDE & CAI 1*/2*

USEF Advanced Single Horse National Championship

Results - 2019 Garden State CDE

USEF Preliminary & Intermediate National Championships ("NC" = Non-Championship)

Results - 2019 Southern Pines CAI1*/2*

USEF Advanced Pony National Championships

Results - 2019 Live Oak International CDE - CAI 2*

USEF National Championships for Adv. Pair & Four-in-hand Horses

Results - 2019 Palm Tree CDE / CAI 2*

CDE/CAI2* results