Considered Ireland’s only native breed, the Connemara Pony originates from an area of the same name located in Western Ireland and noted for its rocky, barren and mountainous terrain which is full of seemingly endless and desolate moors and bogs. Originally developed as a utilitarian working horse by the local farmers, the Connemara dutifully pulled a plow through the barren land, hauled rocks and other heavy loads over rough roadways and through heavy bogs, and carted the family to church on Sunday.

Over the centuries in the ruggedness of their native environment, the Connemara developed its prized qualities of hardiness, agility, and steadfast disposition. The Connemara is recognized as the largest of the world’s pony breeds, ranging from 13 to 15 hands in height. Because of their deep, substantive, and sturdy body type, the Connemara make suitable mounts for children and adults alike, and compete very successfully right alongside more conventional sport horse breeds. While grey and dun are the most common colors for Connemaras, they can also be black, bay, brown, chestnut, palomino or even roan. Black points are common, but pinto coloring is not accepted.

The rich heritage, as well as the temperament, intelligence and sensible nature of the Connemara, makes it an ideal candidate for work in harness in today’s show ring. Because of this, the Connemara is a frequent competitor in combined driving and driven dressage classes. The Connemara also possesses heart, determination, and extraordinary jumping ability, so it often competes as a show jumper, working hunter, or eventer. This versatile breed’s rectangular build makes the Connemara a natural fit for dressage, Western and English pleasure, and even endurance riding.


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American Connemara Pony Society

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The objectives of the American Connemara Pony Society are to assist and promote the breeding, registration, training, exhibition, and general use of the Connemara; to preserve the unique qualities of the breed; to assist and promote equestrian competition; and to keep members informed of all matters concerning Connemaras.

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The Partnership Between the American Connemara Pony Society and the USEF Webinar

This ACPS/USEF Webinar was hosted during the 2022 USEF Annual Convention. The webinar illustrated the benefits of the relationship between ACPS and USEF. It also included details regarding the Connemara Rules Committee, the USEF HOTY award program, the Connemara judge’s clinic, and awards programs.

Video - The Connemara Pony with Trainer, Sarah McRae Thrasher

The Connemara Pony Sarah McRae Thrasher, who has studied, bred, and ridden Connemara ponies for over 12 years, explains the temperament, versatility, and conformation of the largest pony breed. Originating in Ireland, Connemaras come in multiple colors and have long lifespans. Thrasher explained that due to their curiosity, bravery, and willingness to learn new skills quickly, Connemaras are versatile, able to perform in multiple disciplines, and “great partners in all adventures.”

Webinar - The Ongoing Influence of our Connemara Foundation Mares

Providing information to Connemara enthusiasts on the impact the Connemara breed has had in the United States and the historical Connemara bloodlines in America, presented by the USEF Connemara Committee in conjunction with the American Connemara Pony Society, with guest speaker, Caroline Nesbitt. Caroline Nesbitt has an impressive resume as an expert on historical Connemara Pony bloodlines. Nesbitt will be focusing on seven mares that greatly influenced the breed in the United States: Winter Mollie, Clare Dun, Loughconeera Linnet, Western Lily, Winter Roche, Loughwell Beauty, and Glen Nelly

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