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  • USEF Network Leading Trainer: Andre Dignelli 10/4/2015 2:32:42 PM
  • USEF Network Grapa Trophy (Best Horse) winner: Skyfall owned by Linda Langmeier 10/4/2015 2:31:23 PM
  • USEF Network Talent Search Finals East 2015 Champion: Tori Colvin riding Avalanche 10/4/2015 2:24:43 PM
  • USEF Network 2nd: McKayla Langmeier riding Skyfall 10/4/2015 2:24:05 PM

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UPHA to Offer Ribbons of Service Program for Saddle Seat Equitation Riders

Release: February 05 2009

Lexington, KY— The UPHA has initiated a new program designed to reward saddle seat equitation riders for their community service involvement and fundraising efforts for approved charitable organizations. Jim Taylor describes Ribbons of Service as “a shared-commitment program that encourages riders to show an American Saddlebred, Arabian (including Half-Arabians), Morgan or National Show Horse in saddle seat equitation competitions, and encourages donors to pledge funds for charity for each class in which the rider shows. The rider is not only responsible for raising the donations, but for performing community service as part of his or her own contribution to the effort.”

Riders interested in participating begin by submitting an application to UPHA and after receiving approval begin fundraising. Donors pledge to give a minimum of $10 for each saddle seat equitation class the rider competes in during the duration of the annual program. Proceeds of the program will be given to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital or the approved charity of the rider’s choice. In addition to soliciting funds, riders enrolled in the program must commit to performing and tracking their own hours of community service to be eligible for awards.

UPHA will recognize top participants at the end of the program’s season in a special awards ceremony at the UPHA Annual Convention. The rider who raised the most funds will receive an overall award including a $5,000 scholarship donated by USA Equestrian Trust, Inc. and a $3,000 scholarship to Stephens College in addition to other prizes. Furthermore, the rider who raised the most in each of four individual breeds (American Saddlebreds, Morgans, Arabian breeds, or National Show Horses) will receive a $2,500 scholarship donated by USA Equestrian Trust, Inc. and other awards. A $1,500 scholarship made possible by the Kenny Wheeler family will be awarded to the participant with the most community service hours.

A detailed listing of the awards made possible by the generous sponsors to reward the saddle seat equitation riders’ for their dedication is available on the UPHA website.

For details and forms regarding the program, please visit the UPHA website http://www.uphaonline.com/ribbons_of_service.htm or contact Helen Robertson at hclose8@aol.com or (502) 633-0123.

Click here for more information on the UPHA Ribbons of Service