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Q: How do I know what to wear with the vehicle I recently purchased?
A: Appendix A in the back of the Carriage Pleasure rules lists the various types of vehicles, the Harness appropriate for the vehicle, and the attire required. This appendix also defines the appropriate horse for the vehicle type.
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Q: I have a 12-year-old son that wants to compete. In breed restricted classes, he can drive alone. What is the rule for Carriage Driving?
A: Drivers who are 14 years old have the option in single-horse turnout to drive without a passenger or groom. Drivers below 14 must be accompanied by an adult who is knowledgeable and capable of rendering assistance.
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Q: I have won three blue ribbons in fairly large classes recently and have a new horse which is a stallion. Are there any limitations showing stallions in Carriage Pleasure Driving?
A: You would be eligible for limit class, if offered. If you enter as a limit driver, you would not be able to show the stallion. Maiden/Novice/Limit drivers are ineligible to compete stallions. (Note: Classes of less than three entries do not affect the driver or horse status).
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