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Q: Can I show my horse in a snaffle bit or hackamore in the Western Seat/Reining Seat Equitation class?
A: Horses shown in the Arabian, Half-Arabian, Morgan, National Show Horse, and Saddlebred divisions may not use hackamores or snaffle bits in the Equitation division and must be shown with one hand.
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Q: Can a judge call for an individual circle during the Western Seat Equitation class?
A: Yes, individual circles may be required at either a jog or a lope.
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Q: My legs are not steady when I lope, can I tie my stirrups to my saddle to not interfere with my horse?
A: No, any rider competing and or riding anywhere on the competition grounds with their stirrup, stirrup leather, fender, or foot tied and/or secured in any manner will be eliminated from the entire competition.
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Q: I’m in several classes close together in the schedule. Can I wear my number on my back?
A: Yes, unless you are competing in an Arabian/Half-Arabian reining seat equitation section. You may place the number on both sides of the saddle pad or on your back.
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