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Q: Is Western Dressage for any breed of horse?
A: Western Dressage classes are open to riders on horses, mules, and/or ponies of any origin.

Q: Do you ride with one hand or two hands in Western Dressage?
A: The rider must use two hands with a snaffle bit. A rider may use one or two hands with a curb bit, but must complete the entire test in the same manner as they start the test. Switching from one hand to two hands or vice versa during a test is considered an error.

Q: Can I show Western Dressage in a helmet?
A: Yes, helmets are optional apparel in Western Dressage and highly encouraged for competitors of all ages. Protective headgear is acceptable and not required to be of Western Style. Suitable Western Hats are also allowed.

Q: Are chaps allowed in Western Dressage?
A: Yes, riders may choose to include chaps, shotgun chaps and chinks as part of their attire.

Q: Can I have a reader for my test?
A: All Western Dressage Tests may be called during the competition. If the test is announced it is the responsibility of the competitor to arrange for a person to announce the test.

Q: If I am preparing to hold a show, how much time should I schedule for each test
A: For Western Dressage Tests in the Introductory and Basic Levels, allow for seven (7) minutes. For Levels 1, 2 and beyond, eight (8) minutes are recommended.