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Q: Can I use metal in a Paso Pleasure Schooling class?
A: Subchapter PF-7 Paso Pleasure Division, PF141 Appointments it states, "Metal is not permitted in, under, over or attached to the cavesson nosepieces and headrisers, except for necessary buckles." In addition, PF142, Classes with this Division (Paso Pleasure), PF142.1 which is in regard to schooling classes in the Paso Pleasure division states, "tack and attire shall be the same as in Paso Pleasure." Per PF141 and PF142 metal is not allowed in Paso Pleasure schooling classes. Although metal may be allowed in other schooling classer per PF129.1 it is not allowed in the Paso Pleasure Division as the above referenced rules in the subchapter prevent it.
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