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Q: Am I allowed a time-out out in Morgan Hunter Seat Equitation on the flat?
A: Yes. An exhibitor is allowed one time-out per class including Hunter Seat Equitation classes and the AMHA Medal classes per USEF rule MO104.3.
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Q: Questions regarding AOTS classes
A: 16. AMATEUR OWNED, TRAINED & SHOWN (AOTS) CLASSES. Can be offered in any Morgan section. Exhibitors, attendants, and headers must meet the specifications for Amateur status, GR1306. Horses are not to have been professionally trained during the current competition year (riding and driving instruction excluded). In addition, horses are not to be presented, prepared, groomed or schooled with the aid of a professional before or during the competition. Horses may be stabled with a professional during the competition and hauled by a professional. Professional help for situations relevant to safety is permitted. Owner must sign as owner, trainer and rider/driver on the Federation entry blank. For definition of amateur owner, refer to MO104.9.

Q: Clarify what is meant by the competition year?
You cannot have been with a trainer from the start of the competition year December 1st until the time you enter the class. For example, if you show in April you cannot have been with a trainer from December 1st through the time of the show in April. The entire competition year is defined as December 1 to November 30.

Q: Is instruction considered a lesson on the horse (before or after the AOTS class or competition) or does it mean you have to take a lesson on another horse?
Because the horse is not being trained, only you are receiving the training, the riding and driving instruction can be performed on any horse including the horse on which you will compete.

Q: Is there a 90 day period prior to the class, that the horse could not be trained by a professional?
There is a rule in the American Saddlebred division that stipulates the 90 days (SB145.2) but this is not applicable to the Morgan Division.

Q: If a rider/horse qualifies and shows in one AOTS class, does it prohibit that person from putting the horse in training for the remainder of the year and showing with a trainer?
After you qualify and show in an AOTS class, you may put the horse into training the remainder of the year provided you do not enter any further AOTS classes.

Q: If stabling with a trainer for the duration of the show, do they need to sign the Federation Entry Form?
No. If competing in an AOTS class the rider must sign as owner, trainer and rider/driver on the Federation entry blank. For definition of Amateur/Owner please reference MO104.9.

Q: If an AOTS class is offered in February 2012 and the horse has not been in training since October 2011, can the horse compete in the AOTS class in February?
Yes because they are separate competition years.

Q: During the competition, a trainer may instruct the rider/driver but may not school or handle the horse, correct?
Correct. The trainer can not school the horse by any method (i.e. ride, drive, lounge, long-line, etc…).

Q: May a professional trainer stable and haul our horses if competing in an AOTS class?
Yes but you will still need to be the one who signs as rider/driver, owner and trainer on the Federation entry blank.

Q: If the horse I train and intend to show is actually owned by a family member, can I still compete in AOTS classes?
As long as that family member falls under the definition of Family specified in GR123, you may sign as owner for a horse registered in the name of your family member.
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Q: What is the definition of a Junior?
A: Per USEF rule GR127, an individual who has not reached their 18th birthday as of December 1st of the current competition year. If you were 17 on December 1 you will remain 17 through the entire competition year even if you turn 18 on December 5. However, if your birthday is on December 1st you will assume the greater age on that day.
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Q: Are spurs required in the Hunter sections of the Morgan division?
A: Spurs are considered optional in Morgan Hunter Pleasure (MO137.3), Morgan Working Hunter (MO147.1) and Morgan Hunter Seat Equitation (EQ109.1).
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Q: I have a young rider that placed first in an Equitation class. She has now won three ribbons but if she wants to show in a Novice Rider class does the equitation class count as one of the ribbons won?
A: In the Morgan Division it states MO101.4 – In classes for Maiden, Novice or Limit riders, ribbons won in any saddle class of any Division or Section shall count in reckoning the status as a rider. Therefore equitation classes do count in reckoning rider status. If a rider has won three blue ribbons in any class (including equitation), they could not show in any Novice Rider class.
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Q: How can I find out if a piece of tack, attire or equipment is legal for the class(es) I am competing in?
A: You must either send a picture or send a specific link to an online catalogue so that we can see the exact piece of equipment you are planning to use and specify which classes you intend to compete in. Please send this by e-mail Joyce Hamblin or fax to 859.231.6662; attn. Joyce Hamblin.
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