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Rule Book : Summary of Proposed Rule Changes

The following list of proposed rule changes is updated regularly. It is organized by rule reference. Click on the Tracking ID to view a PDF report.

Deadline for members to submit proposed rule changes to be considered by the Board of Directors at the 2016 Annual Meeting is June 1st. Deadline for committees and affiliates to submit a proposed rule change is September 1st.  The current form for submission of rule changes is available as an on-line form.

Any rule changes approved at Board of Director meetings are published on  our web site.   The appropriate sections of the rule book will be updated on the effective date of new rules.

Current members of USEF are encouraged to comment on any of the rule change proposals.

Where applicable, linked rule changes are grouped together.

Tracking # Rule Reference Web Comments
354-15 HU 160.1 scheduling
347-15 HU 101.2 eligibility to compete
485-15 HU 101.3 thoroughbred hunter
379-15 HU 103.1 Green eligibility
484-15 HU 106.8 thoroughbred hunter
523-15 HU 107 amateur owner hunter
356-15 HU 108.1 adult amateur
224-15 HU 109.10 Number of horses ridden in Junior hunters
357-15 HU 110.6 pony hunter
381-15 HU 110.7 California split
350-15 HU 111 junior and children's hunter - entries
349-15 HU 111.3 junior and children's hunters
348-15 HU 111.15 junior and children's hunter
351-15 HU 112.1 dividing or combining sections
358-15 HU 112.10 numbers in classes
382-15 HU 114.4 conformation sections
359-15 HU 121.4 height of obstacles
352-15 HU 127.2 safety vest
353-15 HU 133 soundness
233-15 HU 134.3 faults - three refusals
360-15 HU 145.1 hunter classics
361-15 HU 145.1 hunter classics
403-15 HU 145.4 hunter classics
171-15 HU 181 US Pony Hunter championship
170-15 HU 182 US Junior Hunter Championship
362-15 HU 185.4 handlers
355-15 HU 187.6 USHJA pony breeding championship
363-15 HU 189.8 USHJA National Hunter Derby
372-15 HU 191 USHJA Pony Hunter Derby
373-15 HU 192.1 International Hunter Derby Welcome Stake


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