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Viewing your Clinic, Exam, and Officiating History

USEF Licensed Officials can view their Clinic, Exam, and Officiating History in the Member's Sign In area. Clinic and exam records are current through August 20, 2008. This is the same data that was on your 2009 Renewal Form.

In order to view your history:
1. Sign in to the Member's Sign In area located in the bottom right hand corner of the home page.
2. Scroll down to Licensed Officials Reports.
3. Click the link to Clinics, Exams, FEI Clinics, or Officiating History reports.
4. For the Exam, Clinic, and FEI Clinic links, you will see the license and the year that you attended the last clinic for that license (through August 20, 2008) as well as the year that your next clinic is due. 5. For the Officiating history, you will see most recent competitions in which you officiated and the license(s) used at each competition.
5. Click Back to return to the menu.