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Pacific Coast Vaulters
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Pacific Coast Vaulters
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Sport/Disciplines: Vaulting

2018 Competition Highlights: • 2018 CVIO4* Squad top-5 at World Equestrian Festival CHIO Aachen • 2018 CVI3* Squad champions at the Rocky Mountain Cup CVI • 2018 CVI3* Squad champions at the Pacific Cup CVI The Pacific Coast Vaulting Club brings together a team of strong individual and pas de deux athletes to create an even stronger squad for the U.S. Vaulting Team. In 2018, the Pacific Coast Vaulters won at almost every turn. Most recently, the Squad won the A Team championship at the 2018 USEF/AVA National Championships. They also demonstrated strong performances in the 2018 WEG Selection Trials at the Heart of the Rockies, Mozart Memorial Vaulting Classic and Selection Trial, and the Woodside Vaulters Spring Fest. The Club was founded in 1998 and is based out of Woodside, Calif.