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Brett Raflowitz

Footing and Arena Maintenance

Posted: June 2019
Length: 07:57
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Watch as footing expert Brett Raflowitz discusses the importance of proper maintenance for arenas not to only protect your investment, but also to provide the best possible surface for horse performance and welfare. This video is brought to you by Equestrian Services International (ESI).

About This Video

Arena footing is one of the most important aspects of training and competition with horses. Brett Raflowitz of Equestrian Services International explains why taking care of an arena is the same as keeping a vehicle in top shape; proper maintenance is critical to ensure the longevity of investment in the arena and provide the best possible surface for performance and welfare of the horse. Raflowitz describes what all-weather footing is made of and gives the basics of how an arena is constructed, how to perform proper daily maintenance, and why this daily routine pays off in the long run by reducing the amount of effort needed when it’s time for a yearly overhaul. Because different disciplines demand different types of footing, Raflowitz demonstrates how to adjust an arena groomer to produce the desired surface, explains why watering is key to maintaining an arena surface, and outlines the pros and cons of different types of irrigation systems. In conclusion, Raflowitz notes the importance of in-depth yearly maintenance and what’s involved, including laser leveling, tilling, and re-grading the footing.


Key Principles:

  • Daily Maintenance
  • Configuring a Groomer
  • Watering
  • Annual Maintenance


This video is brought to you by Equestrian Services International.

About The Expert

Brett Raflowitz
Chief Executive Officer, Equestrian Services International

Brett Raflowitz founded Equestrian Services International (ESI) in 2008 with the mission to provide the highest quality in products and services necessary for comprehensive development of the Equestrian site. Raflowitz’s passion for the industry developed from a young age, when he started out riding Quarter Horses and Arabians, going on to compete in the Appaloosa jumper divisions and on the hunter/jumper circuit. His appreciation for the connection between horse and rider combined with an in-depth knowledge of the riding surface and earthwork elements required to build and maintain the successful equestrian site, have brought ESI to the forefront of the competitive equestrian industry.
ESI’s heart is its family team, whose combined expertise in site development and engineering, footing and drainage, irrigation, and maintenance have helped to bring countless private farms and competition venues across North America to life.

A consistent leader in the industry, ESI has designed and installed arenas for projects ranging from venues such as Great Southwest Equestrian Center, Tryon International Equestrian Center, Spruce Meadows, Palm Beach International Equestrian Center, Colorado Horse Park, and Lake Placid, to private farms including North Run, Jet Show Stable, Authentic Stables, and Kent Farrington. Raflowitz and the ESI team have also developed an incredible range of footing management experience at world class events such as the FEI World Cup Omaha 2017, FEI World Equestrian Games 2018, and the Longines Masters of New York 2019.

Regardless of size and scope, Raflowitz approaches every project with a focus on customer satisfaction and service that allows ESI to bring out highest potential in every site.
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