People are living longer these days, but as life expectancies increase, so does the risk of serious health problems that could require long-term care. In fact, at retirement age, 70% of Americans will need long-term care and 40% will enter a nursing home. And with the average cost for nursing home care in a private room equating to more than $102,200 per year, that could literally cost most or all of your life’s savings.

Like most people, you probably recognize the need for long-term care insurance. You’re also probably wondering:

  • How much does Long-Term Care Insurance cost?
  • What does Long-Term Care Insurance cover?

It's not simply "nursing home" coverage, but insurance that helps assure you of continued independence as you age - without depleting the personal assets you've worked hard to acquire. But choosing the right protection from the many plans available can be a daunting task.

Long-Term Care Resources has partnered with the USEF to offer a comprehensive Long-Term Care Insurance Program. Members are entitled to a special discount on certain LTC plans available through this program.