The 2019 USEF Annual Meeting Registration is now open.

The Licensed Officials Committee invites a response from current members of US Equestrian regarding applicants for licensed official status as a judge, steward, technical delegate or course designer. The following individuals have applied for enrollment, promotion, or change of status with US Equestrian. If the required number of references are received, and all other requirements are met, the files for these individuals will be presented to the Licensed Officials Committee at the meeting indicated.

Any member of US Equestrian is welcome to submit comments regarding these applicants. All comments must be received two weeks prior to the meeting for inclusion in the files. Comments may be sent by fax (859-231-6662), by mail (United States Equestrian Federation, Inc. , 4047 Iron Works Parkway, Lexington, KY 40511) or by email to a Licensed Officials Department staff member.

Licensed Officials Committee Meetings results will no longer be listed on the US Equestrian website. Applicants approved for licensing will be listed within the Online Licensed Officials Search after receiving notification of the Committee's actions.

Forms and Publications

April 2018

List of applicants for the April 2018 Licensed Officials Committee.

August 2018

List of applicants for the August 2018 LOC Meeting.

January 2018

List of applicants for the January 2018 Licensed Officials Committee.