Points Corrections

Please review the frequently asked questions below regarding points listed on the website. Please contact the appropriate Breed or Discipline for further assistance.

Why don’t I see my competition listed on the shows posted list?
Per the Rule Book, GR1214.1 states “ All competition results and other data as specified by USEF in the license agreement may be electronically transmitted to USEF within 10 days following a Licensed competition including all corrections, changes and additions to the prize list.” Once received by the Federation, it can take an additional 4-6 weeks before the results are posted into the Federation database.

What are "bad" points?
“Bad” points are points and/or Money Won that are not earned and will not count towards year-end awards and cannot be used for qualifying (in programs that require points to qualify). Points and/or Money Won could be “bad” because the horse was showing outside of its Home Zone/Region, the horse was not recorded by the first day of the competition, or one of several other reasons. All Horse Reports will list the reason for bad Points and/or Money Won. To view your horse report click here . See top 10 reasons for bad Points and/or Money Won below.

  1. Horse not recorded by 1st day of competition (GR1110.2)
  2. Horse not shown in home zone, region or district (GR1111.6)
  3. Not recorded horse owner (GR1110.4)
  4. Owner not active by 1st day of competition (GR1110.2)
  5. Horse not USHJA registered
  6. Owner not USHJA member
  7. Horse not shown in home USHJA Zone
  8. Less than 3 entries in class (GR1113.2)
  9. Rider not showing in home zone, region or district
  10. Horse not age verified

If the answers to the following questions are “Yes” please submit a corrections form.

  •    Have you checked to be certain that the show has been posted?
  •    Have you checked to be certain that your horse or pony is actively recorded with the Federation?
  •    Are both the owner and the rider active members of the Federation?
  •    Do you have a measurement card as required by some divisions?

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