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Following the IPC’s announcement that the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games have been rescheduled to take place August 24- September 5, 2021, this notice, and the changes contained in this document, serve as USEF’s amended Athlete Selection Procedures. Reference given to the “2020” Paralympic Games and related areas such as the Paralympic selection process, Paralympic qualification system, Paralympic Team, and Paralympic Trails will stay consistent through these procedures. USEF utilized best efforts to keep the general process outlined in these selection procedures intact as much as possible, however, there has been unavoidable, necessary changes. Specifically, upcoming dates/deadlines referenced in red within these selection procedures. The IPC has confirmed that all quota places already assigned for the Tokyo 2020 Games will remain unchanged.


Along with the postponement of the timing of selection decisions/announcements, other changes (shown in red) include:

· FEI: age eligibility parameters, entry deadlines, Minimum Eligibility Requirement timelines, horse ownership deadlines, sport class status timelines

· USOPC: final team nomination deadline, long list deadlines

· USEF: application due dates, Short List timelines, ranking list timeframes, Sport team nomination dates, evaluative events and/or criteria and applications for waivers.

Forms and Publications

Attachment IA - Extended application date memo

Reopening of application

Update: 2020 Tokyo FEI Paralympic Quaification dates


Athlete Selection Criteria 2020 Paralympic Games, Tokyo Amendments posted August 19, 2020 and Amendment II posted 02.22.2021

Selection Criteria

Paralympic Schedule for Equestrian (Updated 08.03.2020)

Paralympic Schedule for Equestrian

Attachement A - Application Memo

USEF Application Instructions

Attachment B - Horse Loan Agreement

Horse Loan Agreement

Attachment C - Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

Attachement D - USEF Release, Assumption of Risk and Indemnification

USEF Release form

Attachment E - Safe Sport Policy

Safe Sport Policy

Attachment F - Athlete Memo 2020 Paralympics (Please refer to Athlete Selection Criteria 2020 Paralympic Games, Tokyo Amendments posted August 19, 2020 )

Athlete Memo describing USEF qualification for 2020 Paralympic Games