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The USEF Jumping Course Advisor program was introduced in 2004 to raise the standard of eventing jumping course design in the United States. Initially, the program focused on Jumping courses for FEI and Advanced level competitions. The goal of the program was to ensure the standard of the courses throughout the country, and to deliver courses which provided the same technicality level they would expect to find at the Championship level.

Since its inception, the program has expanded to include review of courses for Preliminary and Intermediate Horse Trials. The program has been effective in improving the consistency of Eventing Jumping courses through the review and critique of courses from a majority of designers at the Preliminary level and above. After 12 years (and at Richard’s recommendation), the Eventing Committee approved a next phase for this program.

In 2018, Richard will review Jumping courses from 12 competitions prior to each event in addition to offering a critique of the course post event. Each course will be posted on the USEF Website with Richard’s analysis along with a Course Evaluation completed by the Course Designer prior to the event. This will allow Course Designers to review other courses and consider Richard’s input when designing their own courses. The ultimate goal is to establish and maintain an equal standard of jumping for events across the country.