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Learner Judges

Learner judging represents both an exciting opportunity and a responsibility to represent the Federation if you hope to become a licensed official in the future. Please keep these handy guidelines in mind as you work towards obtaining your license.

When you arrive at a competition, you should always introduce yourself to both the steward and the competition management. Learner judging is a professional opportunity – treat it as such!

Do not Learner Judge at a competition where you are already working in another capacity (announcer, gateperson, manager, member of competition management), unless you are serving as a judge in another division.

Do not plan on competing in the same competition at which you are a learner judge or where clients or family members are competing.

Do not bring pets, friends or relatives with you when you are learner judging.

Dress appropriately and professionally, keeping in mind ring and possible weather conditions (sunscreen, raincoat, etc.). By dressing appropriately, you show respect for the officials, exhibitors and management who have afforded you an opportunity to be at their competition.

Judging Young Horse Dressage Competitions

Just to remind all Dressage Judges that beginning with the 2014 Competition year all “R” judges who judge Young Horse Dressage classes must have completed Young Horse Educational Training. This training will be held once again in conjunction with Dressage at Lamplight in late August. The date and schedule will be available in the near future.

List of Newly Approved Licenses Now Available

The Licensed Officials Committee met on January 10th and 11th to review applications for new status. You can now view a list of all those newly approved for a license on this page: http://www.usef.org/_IFrames/LicensedOfficials/listOfApplicants.aspx

Please remember that if you are intending to submit an application for review at the August meeting of the Licensed Officials Committee, that application must be received by our office no later than June 4th.

Congratulations and Thanks are in order!

The USEF staff would like to take a moment to thank all of the licensed officials who have been submitting their Accident/Injury Report Forms in such a timely manner! For the last several weeks, all of the reports have been called in on the weekend hotline when needed and then submitted by fax or email promptly at the end of the competition when involving a serious injury or a possible head injury and/or concussion. The remaining reports for minor incidents have accompanied the Steward/TD Report as appropriate. We appreciate your diligence in your reporting, please keep up the good work!

Attention All Stewards

Just a reminder that USEF GR1075.4 has changed the Clinic requirements for attendance as follows:

4. Clinics:
a. A Recorded Category 1 or Category 2 steward must attend the corresponding Category 1 or Category 2 Federation Stewards clinic at least once every two years.
b. A Registered Category 1 or Category 2 steward must attend the corresponding Category 1 or Category 2 Federation Stewards clinic at least once every four years
2012 Steward Clinics will be held at the following dates and locations:

Stewards – C1 & C2

March 22-24, 2012
Katy, TX

April 4 - 6, 2012
San Juan Capistrano, CA

May 16-18, 2012
Lexington, KY

August 28-30, 2012
Syracuse, NY

This will also serve as a reminder that all C1 Steward’s exam requirements will be fulfilled at the clinics beginning with the Stewards Clinics conducted in 2012. All Stewards who aren’t attending a clinic in 2012 will be emailed/mailed an exam in 2012. Beginning in 2013 exams will no longer be sent via email but will only be administered at the Stewards clinics. These exams will consist of 50 questions given at the clinics with an open book format allowing everyone to work in small groups.

Medical Personnel and Equipment

There has been some confusion in answering the Medical Personnel and Equipment questions on the Steward’s and TD’s reports. Please remember that by not answering these questions completely, you are in violation of the Federation’s Rules and your reports will be considered incomplete.

In order to rate the medical personnel, consider whether they arrived on time and were polite, professional, and available as needed. If they used their equipment; did it appear to be functioning properly, in good condition and appropriate for the situation? Verifying the medical personnel’s credentials by asking to see documentation of their license and/or certification is all that is needed to determine if they were qualified to fulfill the Federation’s rules.

The questions on the report are intended to determine if, to the best of your ability and knowledge (not as an expert in the medical field) the equipment supplied by the medical personnel was sufficient. If the qualified medical personnel were present, wearing appropriate uniforms/identifying clothing and had equipment present which was ready to be used to treat various medical emergencies, then the equipment present was likely appropriate. An example of inappropriate equipment would be a box of adhesive bandages alone or no equipment at all.

If you have any questions or concerns about this, please contact Rachael Zilboorg by email at rzilboorg@usef.org or by phone at (859) 225-6981.

Dressage Judges:

Please be aware of the addition to DR 122.8 which became effective 12/1/2011.

“All half marks from 0.5-9.5 may also be used both for movements and collective marks, at the discretion of the judge, and scores given must be recorded with a decimal (i.e., as 6.0 instead of 6).”

**This is rule does not apply to judging the Dressage Phase at an Eventing competition

Smoking While Judging

Recently, the Federation has received complaints regarding officials that smoked while judging ongoing classes. Please remember to be professional in dress and actions while in officiating. The actions of our judges reflect upon the whole of equestrian sport.