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American National Riding Commission – ANRC                   

The primary goal of ANRC is to promote the American System of Forward Riding and to promote the highest quality of educated riding and related services within schools, colleges, universities, and public or private riding establishments. Each year, ANRC offers competitive programs that focus on developing excellence in riding skill, knowledge of riding theory, and the horse’s performance. Each year ANRC offers:

  • Instructional riding clinics
  • The ANRC National Equitation Championships to enhance the collegiate, junior, and adult amateur riding experience
  • A DVD series that provides a step-by-step guide on how to implement forward riding concepts for both horse and rider
  • Opportunities to work with other organizations whose purposes are in accord with those of the ANRC

ANRC competitive programs focus on developing excellence in riding skills, knowledge of riding theory, and the horse’s performance. ANRC educational materials provide visual representations of good performances, as well as specific programs and schooling techniques for the rider to follow.

Participants may compete on a school-owned horse, a leased horse, or a privately owned horse. The highest score in each phase will be awarded to the rider who demonstrates excellence in equitation and produces a smooth, cooperative performance exemplifying quality hunter movement both on the flat and over fences. Throughout the year, coaches are encouraged to incorporate forward riding theory and sound stable management practices to improve the rider’s mounted and unmounted horsemanship skills. Students are encouraged to set personal goals as well as team goals, study ANRC materials, practice fundamentals, and apply knowledge.

For more information regarding ANRC programs visit: