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2014 USEF Annual Meeting

The 2014 USEF Annual Meeting wrapped up Sunday, January 12, following six influential days at the Hyatt Regency in Lexington, Ky. A total of 325 individuals attended a very active convention. The restructured USEF governance model was implemented, rule changes were considered, and a renowned journalist delivered a compelling keynote address with insights into public perception of equestrian sport.

Additionally, attendees took time to celebrate achievement in the sport in 2013 at the Pegasus Awards, the Year End Awards Gala, and the Intercollegiate and Interscholastic Equestrian Team Awards.

Go to Annual Meeting Photos to download high resolution photos from the events.

President Chrystine Tauber's Remarks

Throughout the week, USEF President Chrystine Tauber commended Board, Council, and Committee members for having the vision and recognizing the need to take bold actions essential to a prosperous future for the Federation.

USEF Board of Directors Restructure

In accordance with Bylaws amended at the USEF Board of Directors Mid-Year Meeting, the Federation’s governance structure was modified to create a more agile and efficient organization, and during the 2014 USEF Annual Meeting the new structure was populated. The Administration & Finance Working Group, FEI Affiliates Working Group, High Performance Working Group, and National Affiliates Working Group transitioned to become the Administrative and Finance Council, International Disciplines Council, and the National Breeds and Disciplines Council respectively.

To see how individuals were elected to the Board of Directors as well as how the Councils are structured and populated, check out the Restructured USEF Board of Directors Chart.

Walt Bogdanich Keynote Address

Pulitzer Prize winning investigative reporter Walt Bogdanich addressed attendees at the Friday luncheon with his thoughts on equestrian sport a year after he published the New York Times article, "Sudden Death of Show Pony Clouds Image of Elite Pursuit."

Walt Bogdanich Keynote Address

Rule Changes

At the Annual Meeting, 295 rule changes were considered by 48 committees. Committee recommendations placed 279 of these proposals into Consent Calendars presented to the Board of Directors at their final meeting on Sunday, January 12. The Legislative Committee referred 15 to other Committees or meetings for additional work and a single rule change was presented to the Board of Directors for their deliberation.
For information read the Approved Rule Changes - Effective for the 2014 Competition Year and the Approved Rule Changes - Approved at Annual Meeting.

Celebrating Achievements in 2013

On Friday evening, the membership gathered to celebrate premier equestrians in the U.S. at the Pegasus Awards Dinner. Highlights of the night included Lillie Keenan being honored as the Junior Equestrian of the Year, and Beezie Madden earning her third Equestrian of the Year title. The evening came to a close when Keith Bartz was presented the Jimmy A. Williams Lifetime Achievement Trophy for his undying support and incredibly legacy in the equestrian community.


To find video, photos and news from the 2014 USEF Annual Meeting on USEFNetwork.com. Read about all the Pegasus Award Winners or watch the full
Pegasus Awards Program.

Prior to the USEF Year End Award Gala, collegiate and scholastic equestrians were honored at the Intercollegiate and Interscholastic Equestrian Team Awards during Saturday’s luncheon. Go to USEFNetwork.com to see who won the
Intercollegiate and Interscholastic Awards.

Saturday evening was all about honoring the horse at the USEF Year End Awards Gala, where Simon and Brunello were honored as the International and National Horse of the Year, respectively, for their outstanding results in 2013. Read about Simon and Brunello as well as the other four Horses of Honor or watch the full USEF Year End Awards Gala.

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