Vesicular Stomatitis (VS) Education Module




Click here for the complete USDA Vesicular Stomatitis Situation Report. 

Vesicular stomatitis (VS) is a viral disease of horses and other animals. Infection results in vesicles (blisters), crusts, and ulceration of the lips, muzzle, nose, tongue, ears, sheath, teats, and/or coronary band. Transmission is predominantly by black flies, sand flies, and biting midges. The virus is in the active lesion, thus animals with active lesions can transmit the virus by direct contact, shared feed/water sources, and other carriers contaminated by infective lesions, vesicular fluid, and/or saliva. The lesions are self-limiting and typically resolve within 14 days. Humans can be infected from exposure to this virus and have mild flu-like symptoms.


As of Februar 18, 2024, the USEF has no requirements or restrictions related to Vesicular Stomatitis.


Vesicular Stomatitis (VS) Frequently Asked Questions

(.pdf version of FAQs)


Fly Prevention Important Notes

How To Get Rid of Flies - Article from US Equestrian Magazine on premise-based fly control, as well as some information from UltraShield on fly spray tips for use on horses.

Fighting Flies - Article from US Equestrian Magazine that looks at the future technology of fly prevention, but also includes good information about fly spray and proper use.

Limiting flies on premises is vital to slowing the spread of vesicular stomatitis.


Manure left around your barn area and pastures can create a breeding ground for flies. By removing manure regularly and consistently, you promote faster drying of the remaining ground which can reduce the number of flies on your property. A John Deere Compact Tractor, Materials Bucket and Manure Spreader, make a great package for keeping your barn clean and reducing pests.




Additional Resources

Vesicular Stomatitis Flyer

This flyer provides crucial information to prevent the spread of Vesicular Stomatitis (VS).

Vesicular Stomatitis - Fly Prevention Infographic

This infographic puts important details about Fly Prevention in an easy to share format

Vesicular Stomatitis - Protect Your Premises Infographic

This infographic focuses on the important steps that can be used to protect premises from the spread of VS.

Vesicular Stomatitis Fact Sheet

The Equine Disease Communication Center Vesicular Stomatitis Fact Sheet for Horse Owners. Basic disease information including modes of transmission, clinical signs and prevention.

Vesicular Stomatitis Health Declaration

Optional form to be utilized by competitors to declare residing outside a Vesicular Stomatitis State for the prior 14 days.

USDA Vesicular Stomatitis Presentation Slides

USEF hosted a Vesicular Stomatitis Webinar on May 31, 2023. These are the presentation slides of Dr. Angela Pelzel McCluskey, Equine Epidemiologist with USDA who gave an overview of the disease and previous outbreaks.

Temperature Log

Individual Stall Temperature Log